The Most Beautiful Villages in Provence, France

The Provence region of France is one of the most alluring and culturally intriguing places in the world. It’s also incredibly diverse. From the rich red canyons of the ochre mines to the aqua-blue water running through the Verdon Gorge, it’s spectacular whichever way you look at it.

But one of the biggest drawcards of Provence is its villages. By visiting the most beautiful villages in Provence you can very much experience the authentic Provençal beauty that has inspired artists for decades. And these colourful hilltop havens continue to charm visitors today with their unabashed beauty and largely unchanged way of life.

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Map of Provence Villages

Many of the best villages in Provence are located in the Luberon. This is an area of Provence that has been protected from overdevelopment and allowed to exist much as it has done for centuries before. It’s an area with immense history and intrigue and is home to the most famous hilltop villages in Provence.

But outside of the Luberon, there are many more stunning French villages that are worthy of exploring, and we’d love to introduce you to those gems as well.

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Most Beautiful Luberon Villages

The Luberon is our backyard, and our weekend playground – the place we go to walk the dogs, visit the markets, or to simply stroll through the cobbled streets while revelling in the history that surrounds us. Let us share our pick of the prettiest villages in Provence, France!


There’s no mistaking why Roussillon deserves a spot on this list. Officially named one of France’s most beautiful villages, it lives up to its title with grace.

Where to stay in Provence France. Best villages to stay in Provence.

Roussillon’s unique colour scheme of rusty red and muted orange can be attributed to the rich ochre deposits found in the land surrounding the village. Once an important economic source for the region, today the ochre mines bring wealth to the area in another way – with tourism!

The former ochre mine has been mapped out for an easy walk and it’s an absolutely breathtaking experience walking through the deep canyons and marvel at the shapes etched into the earth  – first by industry, and then by nature.

Located at the southern end of the Plateau de Vaucluse, Roussillon affords incredible views over the Luberon valley. Be sure to walk up through the Belfry to the fortified area of the village and pause at the orientation table to get your bearings.

Events in Roussillon, Provence

  • Market Day – Thursday mornings
  • The Saint John Festival of Colours – June
  • The Beckett Festival – July
  • The International Festival of String Quartets – August
  • Book Fair – September

Where to Stay in Roussillon, Provence

Villa des Roses – For an amazing view of the ochre cliffs.


One of the lesser-frequented, yet nicest villages in Provence to visit is that of Oppède le Vieux. Like stepping back in time, the village is wonderfully preserved and authentic in its appearance. Housing just two eateries and a couple of discreet chambres d’hôtes, it hasn’t been overrun with the effects of tourism.

With its petite centre ville, and hilltop location, the only parking for visitors is a short & scenic walk away through terraced gardens (there are also a number of lovely walks to do around the village – pick up a map at the kiosk in the parking lot). As you wander closer, the village reveals itself before you. The castle ruins and 12th century Notre-Dame d’Alidon chapel cutting a striking silhouette against the rugged landscape.

Wandering up through the cobbled lanes, you’ll pass by stone walls covered in climbing roses and windows framed with wrought-iron balconies. Though the lower part of the village looks lived-in, once you walk past the central square, and follow the low stone stairs up the hill, you’ll find a more rustic state.

Nature has enveloped entire houses, and remnants remain crumpled beneath their own weight, frozen in time. It’s at the top of these stone stairs you’ll find the chapel, and the castle ruins. Unfortunately, the château is unsafe to visit for the moment and has been cordoned off. But the views from the top of the village still make it a worthwhile detour.

Oppede-le-Vieux is a beautiful ancient village in Provence, France

Events in Oppède-le-Vieux

  • Market Day – Saturday
  • Music concerts – July/August

Where to Stay in Oppède-le-Vieux, Provence

La Buissonnière – A charming B&B in the heart of the village.


Goult is a bit of an underdog compared to the other, somewhat more famous, Luberon villages. But it’s one of the best small villages in Provence to stay in due to its fairly central location, and understated appeal.

It’s authentic in its beauty, and due to being a little lesser-known, it doesn’t play into the tourist card like many other villages. Here you can wander into the old village – an unspoilt and tranquil place – past pastel-coloured houses and leafy squares.

Be sure to follow the signs to take in all the key sights, they’ll eventually lead you to the reconstituted Jerusalem Mill, where you’ll find an amazing view of the valley. From the mill, follow the blue markers down a country lane to the Conservatoire des Terrasses de Cultures de Goult. It’s a fabulous way to experience the old farming techniques of the region, which largely revolved around planting crops in terraces. As you wander through the lovingly conserved 5ha garden you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported back in time.

Goult, Luberon, Provence - one of the most beautiful villages of Provence

Events in Goult, Provence

  • The Fete du Miel (Honey Festival) takes place every year in July – check the local website for dates.
  • Market Day – Thursday mornings
  • Jazz Festival – August
  • Craft and Cultural Festival – August
  • Votive Festival – September

Where to Stay in Goult, Provence

Villa Lumières – For a friendly welcome and comfortable stay.

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Gordes played the role of a dreamy Provence village in the 2006 movie A Good Year. And it was a natural fit! It has all the old-world charm you’d expect of Provence, with the cobbled lanes and narrow passageways remaining much as they have through the ages.

The village’s hillside location, coupled with an advantageous viewpoint means it’s very likely the most photographed village in Provence. Officially named one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France, it’s an iconic village that shouldn’t be missed on your Provence itinerary.

While you’re visiting Gordes, a visit to the 10th-century château that sits atop the village is a must-do. Inside you’ll find the Pol Mara museum that houses a selection of works by the former resident of Gordes.

Nearby you’ll find two of the region’s most spectacular attractions – the Sénanque Abbey that is surrounded by blooming fields of lavender in the summer months. And le village des bories, a hamlet of stone dwellings not dissimilar to the better-known trulli of Puglia.

Read our full guide to Gordes village here.

Visiting the village of Gordes on a luxury lavender tour in Provence, France

Events in Gordes, Provence

  • Market Day – Tuesday mornings
  • Weavers’ Market – Easter weekend
  • “Summer Evenings” Festival – August
  • Concerts at the Théâtre des Terrasses – July & August

Where to Stay in Gordes, Provence

La Bastide de Gordes – It doesn’t get better than this!


Another hidden gem in the Luberon is the Provence village of Saignon. Located just a stone’s throw from the larger town of Apt, Saignon enjoys a quiet, more tranquil atmosphere in comparison. Surrounded by vineyards and lavender fields, the most striking feature is the large rock that Saignon is seemingly built into.

A small village with an artsy feel, the rustic façades are complimented by climbing Ivy and colourful shutters.

At the centre of Saignon you’ll find the most charming square that looks like something out of a movie set. Complete with statue-adorned fountain, solitary plane tree, ancient washhouse and quaint little bistro courtyard where villagers meet for an apéro.

Behind the main cluster of village houses, you can walk up the Rue de l’Horloge, through crumbling ramparts, and to the private chapel at the top. From here you can continue around to find the stone steps leading to the Rocher de Bellevue (the rock of Saignon) where you’ll be rewarded with amazing views over the agricultural plains below, and other hilltop villages in the distance.

Events in Saignon

  • Market Day – Thursday
  • François-Morenas Festival – July/August
  • Music Festival – August

Where to stay in Saignon

La Maison près de la Fontaine – A beautiful guesthouse with garden in the centre of Saignon.


The village of Lacoste still looks much the same as it would have done when the scandalous Marquis de Sade lived here in the 18th century. The Marquis’ château is now owned by designer Pierre Cardin who also caused few ripples of unrest when he purchased the castle, along with 22 other properties in the village.

The village of Lacoste in Provence, France

But there’s no sign of any tension as you stroll around the enchanting streets of Lacoste, it really is one of the most beautiful villages of Provence, France. Château de Lacoste (not to be confused with the amazing vineyard Château La Coste), dominates the village. It was in ruins when Cardin purchased it, and some castle walls have been left in disrepair, creating a jagged contrast against the sky. The renovated part is open to the public in July & August, and every July the castle hosts the Festival de Lacoste – a festival dedicated to dance, theatre and opera that typically showcases young and upcoming talent.

During the rest of the year, you can visit the château by reservation only, but a popular option is to walk around the back of the château, where several contemporary sculptures frame the views over the Luberon.

Lacoste, Provence - one of the best villages in the Luberon.

Events in Lacoste, Provence

  • Market Day – Tuesday mornings
  • Lacoste Festival – July
  • Votive Festival – July

Where to Stay in Lacoste, Provence

Cante Grillet – Budget-friendly option with a fantastic view of the castle.


The enchanting village of Lourmarin also belongs to the exclusive ‘Best Villages in France’ club. It’s a little different from the majority of the Luberon villages due to its plain, rather than perched location (plain as in level – there’s nothing plain about this village!).

The busy streets of Lourmarin village in Provence, France

The narrow streets are lined with cafes where you can sit back and soak up the sunshine to a soundtrack of everyday Provence village life. With its colourful flower boxes and lovingly restored buildings, it’s a joy to wander around at leisure.

The Château de Lourmarin is also unique to this part of Provence. The haphazard shape of the castle is suggestive of its tumultuous past. It was built in three stages, spanning from the 12th to the 16th century, and evidence of the different styles is still apparent today. Take a tour of the castle, have a picnic in its grounds, or attend one of the concerts or exhibitions that take place throughout the summer months.

Lourmarin, Provence - one of France's most beautiful villages

Events in Lourmarin, Provence

  • Market Day – Friday mornings
  • Music Festival at the Castle – May-September
  • Festival “Yeah” – June
  • Literary Festival – July-August
  • Antiquarian Book Fair – August

Where to Stay in Lourmarin, Provence

Les oliviers – A comfortable B&B in stunning surroundings.


It may not have the official title of most beautiful in France, but Bonnieux is most definitely one of the prettiest villages in Provence! From the ivy-covered façades to the way in which the houses cascade down the hillside, it’s a village straight from a fairytale.

The old town is petite, and best explored by foot. You’ll find some delicious looking treats in the boulangerie and can even experience first hand how bread is made traditionally in the bakery museum. 

Scale the stone staircase to reach the 12th-century church that adorns the village and you’ll be rewarded with magnificent views of the Vaucluse Mountains, as well as the nearby villages of Gordes and Roussillon.

Spreading out below Bonnieux is the fertile landscape that yields crops of olives, grapes and lavender. Perhaps pack a picnic and appreciate the bucolic scene from the beneath the cedars. Then to work off your indulgence head to the Forêt des Cèdres nearby, where you’ll find a range of walks for every fitness level (including a wheelchair accessible option).

Bonnieux is one of Provence's most beautiful villages.

Events in Bonnieux, Provence

  • Market Day – Friday mornings
  • Potter’s Market – Easter

Where to Stay in Bonnieux, Provence

Le Domaine de Capelongue – For large rooms and an exquisite garden.


The delightful village of Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt sits in the Northern reaches of the Luberon Regional Nature Park, and slightly off the main tourist trail. It’s here you’ll find an authentic Provence village that’s absolutely brimming with historical treasures.

Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt is one of the most beautiful villages in Provence France

Start your exploration in the petite village centre where you’ll find narrow streets framed by stone-clad buildings with pastel-coloured shutters. There is little commerce in this village, and just a couple of friendly bistros should you want to stop for a drink.

Take a walk to see the Saint-Etienne parish chapel, and admire the fountains, ornate balconies, arches and doors as you go. Wander up the Place de l’Église to the left of the chapel and you’ll find the start of a timeworn path up to the ruins of the château and the château chapel. Explore the ruins before crossing the dam to the other side. Here you’ll find a delightful walk through the forest, and on your way back down towards the village, a restored 17th-century windmill.

Events in Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt

  • Market Day- Tuesday
  • Antique Fair – July

Where to Stay in Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt

Les Grenadiers de Saint Sat – A beautiful B&B in a rural setting on the edge of the village.


One of the most well-preserved villages of Provence, Ménerbes shines as an example of a village that is both a beautiful place to visit and to live. The medieval streets are awash with a rugged beauty that’s accentuated by the landscape that surrounds it. Nostradamus once described Ménerbes as the “navire dans l’océan des vignes” (ship in the ocean of vines) – which is an accurate description of how the village appears to float on the treetops as you approach it from the North.

Ménerbes is an exquisite village that attracts holidaymakers from around the world in search of understated luxury in tune with nature. Given its location, it has an unsurprisingly strong wine culture. And in a quirky nod to this viticulture heritage, you can visit a corkscrew museum that is home to over 1,000 exhibits from around the world.

The museum, which is privately owned, is located 2km from the village in the grounds of the Domaine de la Citadelle – a charming vineyard that’s open for tastings and tours. Ménerbes is another of the official Most Beautiful Villages in France.

Events in Ménerbes, Provence

  • Market Day – Thursday mornings
  • Winegrowers’ Festival – July
  • Les Musicales du Luberon – July-August
  • Saint-Louis Festival – August

Where to Stay in Ménerbes, Provence

La Bastide de Soubeyras – A stunning property set in luxurious surroundings


Yet another of France’s Most Beautiful Villages (there are 15 in total in Provence), Ansouis is a short drive from the aforementioned Lourmarin. They share similar geography, however, Ansouis is slightly raised, with a grand château sitting above the village houses. Criss-cross through the network of pretty streets and pause in the shaded village square before continuing up to the castle and the church, Eglise Saint-Martin. Make sure you pop inside the church – it has one of the most wonderfully unique interiors I’ve ever seen – it’s perfectly imperfect.

The Ansouis castle is privately owned but is open to the public (for a fee) in the afternoons from April to October. The exterior offers fantastic views of the countryside and stunning terraced gardens to explore. Inside, the exquisitely restored château is furnished with pieces from the 16th – 18th century, alongside fine tapestries and art.

A short walk from the château you’ll find the Musee Extraordinaire, a quirky, family-run museum full of curiosities both created and found by the owner, a painter and diver. Alternatively, the Musee des Arts et des Metiers is located just outside the village in the grounds of a vineyard and offers you the chance to find out more about winemaking in the region.


Events in Ansouis, Provence

  • Market Day – Sunday Morning
  • Flower Festival & Market – May
  • Music Festival – June
  • Festival of Saint-Elzéar – September

Where to Stay in Ansouis, Provence

Bastide Saint Maurin – To live among the lavender.


The village of Rustrel is somewhat of a hidden gem. It’s not commonly touted as one of the best places to visit in Provence, France, perhaps because of its small stature, but I think it most definitely deserves your attention.

Quintessentially cute, the village streets lead to the central château that today houses the Mairie (mayor’s office). Nearby, you’ll find an old oil mill where (in summer) you can learn the traditional ways of extracting olive oil.

Like Roussillon, Rustrel is located next to a former ochre quarry. Much less developed than the ochre trail, the Colorado Provençal offers you the chance to explore the rust coloured canyons and pillars on your own time. Once you’re done, wander back to the village past the vineyards and lavender fields, taking the time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Then enjoy lunch on a shaded terrace, or jump in the open-air pool to cool down!

Rustrel, Provence, France

Events in Rustrel, Provence

Market Day – Wednesday mornings (summer only)

Where to Stay in Rustrel, Provence

La Forge – You’ll have trouble leaving this breathtaking property.

Best Provence Villages Outside of the Luberon

While the Luberon arguably has the highest concentration of pretty perched villages in Provence, there are some gorgeous contenders in neighbouring areas too. Let’s discover them below.


Often touted as one of the best villages to stay in Provence, I can certainly understand why visitors flock to Cassis. The only seaside village on this list, Cassis is certainly more commercial than some other villages, but the centre still manages to retain its charming village feel.

Flanked by Cap Canaille on one side, and the mighty Calanques on the other, the tricky geographical location prevents it from becoming too overdeveloped. Instead, the surrounding hills are home to rows of ancient vines producing the famed wines of the region. You could easily spend an entire day (or more) discovering Cassis.

The beautiful beaches are perfect for a morning swim, the cafe-lined quai is an ideal spot for people-watching, and the old town lanes are bursting with boutiques selling fine linens and local artisan’s creations. For the best views of the village, pull your car over (carefully!) on the side of the road as you approach from above. And once in the village, take a stroll behind the tourist office, along the pier, to see the pastel-coloured buildings from another angle.

Cassis Port, France

Events in Cassis, Provence

  • Market Day – Wednesday and Friday mornings
  • Potters’ Market – September
  • Spring Festival – April-May
  • Festival of fishermen and the sea – June
  • Les Nuits Vagabonds – August
  • Wine Festival – September
  • Comedy Festival – November

Where to Stay in Cassis, Provence

Les Roches Blancs – For seafront luxury.


At the heart of the Var region in Eastern Provence, you’ll find the medieval village of Cotignac. Tucked up against an ominous looking cliff, the village is overlooked by two square stone towers that have been standing since the Middle Ages. Within the cliff, you’ll find remnants of habitation, with caves living on as a testament to the town’s troubled past. Take the stairways etched into the cliff face to explore some of these troglodyte dens.

Back in the village, tall stone houses dating back to the 16th & 17th centuries frame the cobbled streets. Plane trees create shelter for café terraces, and boutiques sell everything from local art to locally produced rosé. There’s a lively feel here, particularly in summer with various markets, events and festivities taking place. But come the quieter season you’ll find the locals reclaim their village.

Nearby, just a short walk from the village centre, you’ll find a track leading to the town’s famed waterfall, Vallon Gai. The track can sometimes be closed in winter, and in spring it’s advisable to wear waterproof shoes.

Events in Cotignac

  • Market Day – Tuesday
  • Rosé Festival – July
  • Potter’s Market – August
  • Jubilé Festival – August

Where to Stay in Cotignac

La maison du bonheur – An authentic Provençal style B&B in the centre-ville.


Tucked up in the heart of the Alpilles, just a short drive from the bustling town of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, you’ll find a lively, appealing village with a dark history. Eygalières, like many villages in Provence, dates back to medieval times and wears the scars of past wars, the French revolution, and even the Great Plague.

Rumored second home to movie stars and a quiet retreat from the busyness that overwhelms the villages of the Luberon during the summer, Eygalières has a creative, artsy, and upmarket feel. The centre is beautifully maintained and it sports one of the prettiest Mairies (townhalls) in Provence. The monthly brocante (antique market) is one of the best in the region too.

Make a pit stop to see the Saint Sixte Chapel and hermitage that sits 1km outside of the village. Immortalized by Van Gogh, it’s a very pretty picture with its cypress trees and bucolic surroundings. Wander the streets, maybe stopping for lunch in one of the café terraces, before proceeding up a gentle hill to the château ruins and clock tower.

Chapel at the top of Eygalieres in Provence, France

Events in Eygalières

  • Market Day – Friday
  • Brocante – Monthly
  • Saint-Laurent Feast – August

Where to Stay in Eygalières, Provence

Maison Hache – Luxury Boutique Hotel in the village.


Located near the northern tip of the Lac de Sainte-Croix, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is an ancient Provençal village tucked up against the towering limestone cliffs of the Verdon Natural Regional Park. Its privileged position at the edge of the Valensole plateau also makes it a popular place for those touring the nearby lavender fields.

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie village in Provence, France

Natural attractions aside, architectural accomplishments are sure to delight also. Overlooking the village, tucked into the folds of the mountain, you’ll find the Notre Dame de Beauvoir Chapel. You can climb an ancient pathway to reach it, and you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views over the village and Valensole plateau if you do.

Look up and you’ll spot the Star of Moustiers suspended between cliffs. The meaning of the star is unknown, and it has been replaced several times throughout history, but its presence is surrounded by mystery & intrigue.

The village itself (which has been awarded one of the most beautiful in France) is thoroughly charming, and brimming with historical features. Take time to appreciate the medieval Church of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption. Famed for its faïence ceramics, you’ll find many boutiques selling these traditional wares, and there’s always a well-placed café terrace to sink into after your sightseeing.

Events in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

  • Market Day – Friday
  • Evening Markets –Wednesday nights in summer
  • Lavandevasion – Late June to Early July
  • Celebration of Notre-Dame de Beauvoir – Early September

Where to stay in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

Hotel La Bastide De Moustiers – A luxury hotel set in a beautiful Provence country mansion.


Overlooking the Lac de Sainte-Croix, this hillside village boasts one of the most stunning views in Provence. The small hillside hamlet consists of only a few winding streets, but combined with the bucolic setting, it’s still one of the most beautiful villages Provence has to offer.

Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon village in Provence, France

Where else can you roam through quiet streets of a traditional village one minute, and be swimming or enjoying watersports on the expansive lake the next? While the beach may be the main attraction here, it’s also a hotspot for hiking enthusiasts, as a number of trails are available to be enjoyed around the lake.

Pop back to the village after a day of lakeside fun for dinner on one of the restaurant terraces. It’s here you’ll watch the colours on the horizon turn to pastel pink and purple before the sun finally turns itself in for the night.

Lac de Sainte-Croix in Provence, France

Events in Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon

  • Market Day – Tuesday
  • Boating Regatta – June
  • Village Festival – August

Where to stay in Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon

There aren’t a lot of hotels in and around Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon, however, there are a number of Airbnb’s available (check them out here), or a family-friendly option is to camp at Les Roches.


Located in the rocky landscape of the Alpilles, rising up above the olive and almond trees, Les Baux-de-Provence is instantly recognised by the impressive ruined château that overshadows it.

Les Baux shares the same brand of beauty as the nearby villages of the Luberon, while still managing to be uniquely intriguing. This hilltop village in Provence is bursting with ancient treasures, including the chapels, town hall and old hospital, and the tourism office provides a mapped route so you can discover them all at your leisure.

The only drawback from its reputation as one of the best villages in the South of France, is that it has become more of a tourist spectacle than a true representation of Provençal living. That’s not to say you shouldn’t visit – it’s still very much worth your time.

The château is perhaps the most famous castle of the Provence villages, and is certainly the most impressive! You could spend all day simply exploring the caves, climbing the exposed staircases and watching the scheduled demonstrations on offer at Château des Baux de Provence. Nearby, another unique attraction awaits at Carrières de Lumières – a multimedia show that takes place in a quarry beneath the Alpilles mountains.

Les Baux de Provence of is of the most beautiful villages of France.

Events in Les Baux de Provence

  • Winegrowers Fair – May
  • European Nude Photography Festival – May
  • Saint John’s Feast Day – June
  • Festival des Alpilles (Music) – June – August
  • Festival A-Part (Art) – July & August
  • Ceramics and Glass Festival – September
  • Stone and Heritage Fair – September
  • Santon Exhibition – October

Where to Stay in Les Baux de Provence

Domaine du Mas Foucray – Perfect for a longer stay in Provence


A small village overlooking the Lac de Sainte-Croix (opposite Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon), Aiguines may, at first, appear not to be too different from the hundreds of other hilltop villages in Provence, but it has a few surprises up its sleeve.

Firstly, there’s the rather austere looking château that’s quite unlike any other in the region. Its elaborate roof tiles, colourful appearance, and privileged position overlooking the lake make it a favourite of photographers. Though unfortunately, it’s not possible to venture inside the privately-owned castle.

Then there’s the surprising number of quality brasseries and boutiques peppered throughout the town’s two main streets. And the quirky Museum of woodturners that tells the history and importance of this craft to the village. And finally, there’s the little Saint Pierre chapel with its orientation table and unsurpassable views over the village and beyond. Be sure to stop by before or after driving the Verdon Gorge.

Events in Aiguines

  • Market Day – Tuesday
  • Potters Market – July
  • Woodturning Days – August

Where to Stay in Aiguines

Camping de l’Aigle offers a fantastic place to go glamping in France!


Mérindol very nearly became our home when we were searching for a house in Provence. It’s one of those magical places where time seemingly stands still. In the evenings, when the deep blue South of France sky becomes baby blue and pastel pink, the swallows start dancing – putting on a show as they swoop and dive between the rooftops.

It’s a small village surrounded by olive groves that are still pressed every year in the traditional way. If you’re curious, you can watch a demo at the old olive mill during the summer months. The Southern Luberon cradles Mérindol, and you can literally step out of the centre ville and onto one of the Grandes Randonnées (GR Trails) that lead into the mountainous landscape.

Even if you’re not up for a big walk, it’s very much worth following the trail up to old Mérindol. There’s not much left to see of the village that was destroyed in religious wars, but you can visit the ruins of a Protestant church, and the view over the Durance and beyond is worth the effort!

Merindol - one of the best Provence Villages

Events in Mérindol, Provence

Market Day – Wednesday mornings

Where to Stay in Mérindol, Provence

La Brullière – An affordable home away from home.

With so many villages to visit in Provence, you’re sure to find some that speak to you more than others. Maybe it’ll be the way the houses seemingly grow out of the rock in Goult, smelling a gentle scent of lavender as you wander around Ménerbes, or perhaps you’ll be swayed by the seaside charm of Cassis. Whatever your heart desires, you’re sure to fall in love with the villages of Provence!

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  1. I love reading about your impressions of Provencal towns/villages/cities. We will be there for three nights in late July. Where might you recommend that we stay/establish as our base camp? We are a family of 5.

    1. Hi Mary, thanks so much for your comment! It very much depends on what you’re hoping to see while you’re in Provence. Have you read my article on “The best places to stay in Provence” it should give you a good idea of where to stay based on your interests/intended activities. If you’re hoping to tour the villages of the Luberon, then staying either just outside in L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue, or in the Luberon, in say Gordes or Goult, is a good place to start 🙂

  2. Hello Nadine..Me and my wife are looking to drive through provence region and have about 6 days..wot would you recommend if our interests are food and wine..Also loved your article on provence..thanks..?

    1. Hi Jay! Well, good food and wine can be found throughout the region really – so it depends what else you want to see & do while you’re here. I’d most definitely put a visit to a vineyard on your itinerary though. Perhaps around Châteauneuf-du-Pape? Again, depends what kind of wines you’re into. As for food – shop local and eat in those tucked away places that look more genuine than touristy and you can’t go too far wrong.

  3. Hi Nadine,
    I take it you´re living close to the Atlantic coast now, but maybe you can still help me with a tip or two. I´m trying to find a cabin in the mountains in Provence somewhere where I can first live for a month around Christmas, with the idea of finding a similar place to live more permanently. I don´t suppose your husband knows anyone in the area with such a place to rent or have any other ideas that might help me get started?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Another lover of Banks Peninsula. Once was a warden in a youth hostel there and one of the most moving experiences of my life was attending a classical quartet concert in Akaroa and riding my bike home in the dark up the steep gravel roads in the moonlight.



    1. Hi Stefan, no we’re still settled in Provence! We lived up near the Atlantic coast when we first moved to France a few years ago.. So, to answer your question, I’m not aware of any such place as yet, but I do hear of places now and again so can keep an ear out. You could also check sites such as rent a place in France, or Airbnb as owners are often happy to offer a reduced rate over the winter months.
      Yes, Akaroa is certainly a wonderful place and that sounds like an incredible experience!

  4. Hi Nadine, my husband and I will be in Provence for 5 days in september and I was planning on making aix en provence our base and doing day trips. Do you think this is a good idea or would we be better to pick the car up in aix then travel through provence staying in villages as we go?

    1. Hi Shannon, I think that’s the best idea, otherwise packing and checking-in & out every day or two will take up too much of your time and get tiring. There are loads of amazing day trips to take from Aix within an hour or so. If you haven’t already, you should check out this post I wrote on that very topic! Have an amazing time 🙂

  5. Hey Nadine! My family and I are looking to spend about a month in Provence and are looking for a beautiful, rural town with good markets. If you had to choose one which would you recommend? I’m currently leaning towards Gordes

    1. Hi Lauren, it depends on which time of year you are visiting? Gordes is indeed lovely, and if you like a bustling atmosphere, you’ll find it here in summer! If you want something a bit more laid back, you could try Lacoste, Goult or Saignon in the Luberon. Or somewhere like Eygalières in the Alpilles 🙂

  6. Hello Nadine! Thank you for the beautiful article. My husband and I are avid walkers, and are planning to spend four days in early July in this glorious region. All the villages you describe sound wonderful (we spent three days in Goult a couple of years ago and were quite smitten) but as we will be without a car this time, we would very much appreciate your suggestion for the best home base for a walking holiday. Ideally we would prefer a very pretty village, pedestrian friendly, with attractive amenities (cafés, restaurants, etc.) but perhaps with options to walk not only in the surrounding countryside but to neighboring villages as well. Thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle, Lacoste could be a good option. A lovely little village that doesn’t get as busy as some in the area. From there you can walk to Bonnieux, Menerbes and Goult in around an hour or so. Or if you’re looking for a less ‘vertical’ village, you may like to try Lourmarin which is gorgeous. You could walk to Cadenet and check out the wonderful ruined castle at the top. Hope that helps! Nadine

  7. Hi Nadine,
    Would you be able to recommend a cycling tour through the vineyards in this region that I can sign up for? I am only looking for a day trip.
    Thanks so much!

  8. Nadine: Wonderful article. I appreciate the local perspective. Have been to France 9 times and am a seasoned traveler who speaks french. Have stayed in Moustiers- Sainte- Marie. Need to come back to inland Provence. Merci pour votre avis!

  9. Hi. I am planning to spend a week in Provence this June and trying to decide between a villa in Lourmarin and one in Eygalières. We are 3 couples and would like to be able to walk/bike to town. We also plan on renting a car to tour all around Provence. Which location would you prefer?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply (I’m less likely to miss these questions in my FB group: Both locations are very small villages. Out of the two, Lourmarin has more places to eat & shops etc. It’s also better located for exploring the Luberon/Aix/etc. However, Eygalières is very charming and well located for visiting St Remy/Avignon etc, so it depends what interests you more. Of course, you can visit all locations from either spot, but will spend a little more time in the car.

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