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The Most Beautiful Beaches in France

The best beaches in France

Famous for the Eiffel Tower, renowned museums and delectable cuisine, France fulfils holiday dreams of history, culture and gourmet delights. As if that wasn’t enough, hundreds of beaches line the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. No doubt you’ve heard of the French Riviera, celebrated across the globe for glitz, glamour […]

Ultimate Sault Lavender Fields Tour

Sault lavender fields itinerary

Sitting high above the Luberon ranges you’ll find an untouched area of Provence. An area of immense natural beauty, rich agricultural heritage, and unique gastronomy. Among this bucolic setting, in summer, you’ll also discover a landscape laced with lavender. The Sault lavender fields are so tightly intertwined with the agrarian backdrop, it creates a heady […]

The Best Things to do in Marseille, France

Ten Best Things to do in Marseille France

Marseille is often touted as the new Barcelona. But while it shares the same glistening Mediterranean shores, Marseille attractions, in general, are far less touristy and much more affordable. Marseille has a rich sense of itself – this is, after all, where the La Marseillaise, the French national anthem comes from – and sitting at […]

A Local’s Guide to the Provence Wine Region

Provence Wine Guide - Provence Wineries

South of France vineyards – and the varieties of Provence wine they produce – are as loved as the local lavender and Mediterranean coastline. It’s recorded as among the oldest wine regions in France and is undoubtedly among the most popular. So it may come as a surprise that the vines themselves were actually an […]

Best Places to Visit in November in Europe

The Best Places to Visit in November in Europe

The best places to visit in Europe in November are awash with autumn colours at the start of the month, and alive with arts seasons across the continent. You have the choice of rugging up with snow in northern Europe or enjoying relatively mild weather in the south, especially throughout Italy, Spain and Greece. This […]

Best Places to Visit in October in Europe

The best places to visit in Europe in October

Blazing leaves, peaceful cobbled lanes, and festivals promoting the flavours of the season characterise the best places in Europe to visit in October. The top destinations greet you with fewer tourists and cheaper prices, all within refreshingly cool weather that’s spot on for exploring. If you love road trips, this is the time to hire […]

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