Italy travel Guide

The land of la dolce vita, Italy seduces visitors with its stunning architecture, dazzling coastline, delicious food, and gorgeous landscapes. But as beautiful as it is, it’s also a fabulously diverse country that deserves repeat visits in order to appreciate each unique region. 

HEading to Rome?

The majority of Italy’s international visitors will touch down in Rome. A city bursting with history and one that showcases the country’s rich culture.

Italian Islands

With over 450 of them, you’re sure to find an Italian Island that suits your travel style. From the glitz of Capri, to the laid-back appeal of Sardinia, the islands of Italy are among the most beautiful in Europe.


Tucked down at the far end of Italy’s boot, Puglia is a region that, until recently, was largely ignored by foreign visitors. But travellers are starting to cotton-on to what makes this bucolic region so special. From its stunning coastline, to its quiet village life, a trip to Puglia is a trip to the real Italy.

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