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Most Beautiful Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

The Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

From breathtaking bays to lavish oceanfront resorts and secluded stretches of white sand, Sardinia beaches live up to their poster child reputation. If you want to spend your entire holiday walking barefoot along the edge of bluer-than-blue seas, this Italian island boasts a couple of hundred beaches for you to do so. Choose from serene […]

30+ Dreamy Italian Islands to add to Your Bucket List

Sicily Island in Italy

With over 450 of them, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect version of paradise among the best islands in Italy for a holiday. Start your journey on the largest islands of Sardinia and Sicily, with dreamy beaches, underwater caves and architectural gems to discover. Or, delve into the volcanic landscapes and gourmet cuisine of the […]

Inside Guide to the Best Puglia Beaches and Swimming Holes

Best Puglia Beaches, Italy.

Visitors to Puglia will be amazed by the unspoilt nature of Italy’s heel. Gnarled, centuries-old olive trees give way to whitewashed villages that wouldn’t look out of place on a Greek Island. Down dusty rural roads, you’ll find the unique Puglian architecture is a curious mix between tipi-topped Trulli and the rectangular robustness of the traditional […]

Experiencing the Best of Salento At The Aia

best place to stay in Puglia - review of At The Aia B&B

A directionless wind whipped around the olive grove sending leaves fluttering and causing sunlight to dance on the red earth. “It’s the Libeccio. The crazy wind” says Giulia in her Italian-American drawl. Puglians, it seems, are well acquainted with the winds. There’s one for every day of the week, although you could experience more than one […]

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