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The Ultimate Guide to Cassis, France

Things to do in Cassis, France

A fishing village with humble roots, Cassis has previously been heralded as the ‘poor man’s’ St Tropez. But times have changed, and this pretty little portside town is gaining popularity as the perfect place to indulge in the region’s finest pastimes. Feast on the fruits of the sea, sip on the celebrated Cassis wines and […]

22 Magical Islands in France to Discover

The most beautiful islands in France to discover

With the ever-popular Paris, incredible historic sites, majestic chateaux, and world-famous fashion, it’s not often that we think of France in terms of island escapes. So, you might be surprised to discover just how many islands off the coast of France there are to discover. These beach-fringed jewels rest within the Atlantic Ocean and the […]

10 Stunning Historical Places in France to Add to Your Bucket List

Historical places in France to visit

From papal palaces to prehistoric cave paintings, island monasteries to cavernous wine cellars – France offers some of the most exciting and spectacular historical sights in Europe! With over 40 designated UNESCO World Heritage sites in France, there are plenty of reasons to take a trip to this fascinating country. Historical sites in France offer […]

Where to Stay in Marseille – Your Marseille Hotels Guide

Best places to stay in Marseille

From ancient Greece to North Africa, different Mediterranean cultures have all left their mark on Marseille, and this dynamic melting pot has plenty to keep visitors entertained. However, choosing where to stay in Marseille can be tricky – especially if it’s your first visit – so use this handy Marseille hotels guide to find the […]

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