40 Dreamy Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love With Mallorca

Mallorca is one of those places that’s so incredibly beautiful, words just don’t seem to do it justice. At least, I’m struggling to describe the pure magic that emanates from this underrated Mediterranean island.

Unfairly tarnished with a reputation for being a party island, the real Mallorca – away from the resorts and nightclubs – is incredibly diverse, naturally blessed, and lovingly cared for by the locals.

This is the Majorca that will draw you in, and leave you longing to return, long after you’ve departed its glistening shores.

In the following collection of photos, I’ve tried to convey just what makes this island so special. I hope you’ll enjoy taking this journey through Mallorca with me…

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Mallorca in Pictures

Soller Tram in Mallorca

The petite seaside town of Port de Sóller is bustling with activity largely thanks to the Tren de Sóller that connects Palma to Sóller. The last leg of the route is via these brightly coloured trams that run alongside the beach. It’s an iconic Mallorca attraction that can be enjoyed in any weather.

Man swimming in Mallorca

A serene swimming spot between the beaches of Cala s’Almunia and Caló des Moro. Both small, but perfectly formed beaches that will leave a lasting impression.

Sheep at Tuent Beach, Mallorca

A curious sheep near the rugged and wild beach of Cala Tuent. Situated next door to the famous Sa Calobra beach, Tuent was eerily quiet, save for an old man sitting peacefully on a log.

Top reasons to visit Mallorca.

Looking down towards Cala s’Almunia. The view literally took my breath away as I wondered how we’d scale down the hill to the beaches below. Conveniently, there are stairs to reach this little hideaway.

Dog in a Mallorcan village.

A dog stands guard on the raised windowsill of his house in the rural village of Maria de la Salut.

Cliffs in Mallorca, Spain

Can you see the cliffhanger? I’m not sure whether he was jumping or climbing back up! On this side of the headland that shelters Caló des Moro, there are some seriously daunting cliffs.

Village Streets of Mallorca

Away from the coastal areas, you can find the true Mallorca. Where time moves slowly and villages remain untouched by tourism.

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Cala Tuent in Mallorca

The road to Cala Tuent cuts through lush forest on an ochre-coloured mountainside to reveal an endless sea of teal.

Village doors in Mallorca, Spain

If doors could talk… I’m sure this weathered turquoise village door would have a few tales to tell. The tiled step caught my attention as much as the door itself.

Girl swimming at S'Amarador beach in Mallorca

The beach of S’Amarador is a tranquil oasis within the Mondrago National Park. This young girl certainly looked very content as she floated around in the clear blue water.

Horse at Cala Tuent beach in Mallorca.

Behind Cala Tuent there are animals living between the ancient olive trees. This beautiful horse came over for a scratch behind the ears and a juicy pink apple.

Road to sa calobra beach in Mallorca

The road to Sa Calobra is infamous for its hairpin turns and dramatic scenery. It’s certainly not a drive for the faint-hearted (perhaps take the bus instead if you’re a nervous driver). But it’s a very popular route for keen cyclists.

beaches in Mallorca

Possibly my favourite Majorcan beach, Caló des Moro was a welcome sight after an uncertain walk. The sign on the gate says private, but the owners do allow you to walk through the reserve to the beach so long as you treat the area with the respect it deserves.

Cacti in Mallorca

The cacti of Mallorca. The beautiful, intricate patterns found on these plants are spellbinding.

Road to Sa Calobra beach in Mallorca

With a landscape of steep rocky ridges, the road to Sa Calobra sometimes has no choice but to go through the mountain instead of around it.

Dog on beach in Mallorca

The look of pure joy on the face of a German Shepherd puppy as he chases seagulls on the beach at Cala Torta.

Tuent beach in Mallorca.

Cala Tuent is the ideal place to sink your anchor and enjoy a swim surrounded by dramatic scenery.

Windows of Majorca, Spain

The earthy tones of Mallorca. Staying in a rural villa on this Balearic Island made the experience even more special.

Boat in Mallorca, Spain

If I had a boat, this is where I’d want to be. Sailing around Mallorca and finding hidden beaches in bucolic corners of the island.

Goat on a beach in Mallorca

This opportunistic goat knows that the best time to enjoy the beach is at sunrise.

Solving the world’s problems… In the village of Maria de la Salut, men sit around a table and chat over coffee.

Sunrise on the beach in Mallorca

Sunrise at Cala Barques on our first morning in Mallorca. A magical way to start the holiday.

Sa Calobra beach in Mallorca

The walk to Sa Calobra takes you through tunnels dripping with moisture from the mountains above you. On the other side, you’re greeted with some of the most spectacular scenery on the island.

Seagull on a beach in Mallorca

A seagull swoops down to scoop up his catch from the sand at Cala Torta in northern Mallorca.

Cala Vincenc in Mallorca, Spain

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as having the entire beach to yourself. The beach umbrellas on Cala Barques would soon be sheltering sunbathers, but at 7 am the beach was deserted.

Sunrise in Mallorca, Spain

As the sunsets over Maria de la Salut, the sky puts on a colourful show.

Clear blue water at beach in Mallorca, Spain.

The water looks so clear and inviting as it softly splashes against the barren rock beds.

Children on beach at Sa Calobra in Mallorca

The perfect picnic spot after a swim at Sa Calobra beach in western Mallorca.

Beautiful pictures of Mallorca

The boathouse of dreams in Mondrago National Park.

Beach in Mallorca, Spain

Mondrago National Park is an absolute pleasure to explore by foot. The paths are well maintained, well signposted, and lead to some of the best beaches in Mallorca.

Beach bar in Mallorca, Spain

If you get peckish or parched at Cala Varques, these guys have you covered.

Church in Soller, Majorca

In the shadow of the Sant Bartomeu church in Sóller, you’ll find a marble square where local kids play football and tourists sit at curbside cafes.

Mountain goats in Mallorca, Spain

A mountain goat shows no sign of fear as he climbs effortlessly up a steep wall of rock.

Chari by the beach in Mallorca, Spain

Who else would like to pull up a chair and bask in the Spanish sun beside a sparkling blue sea?

Kid friendly walks in Mallorca, Spain

What will we find around the next corner? The walking paths on Mallorca were delightfully easy to follow and easy for kids to navigate.

Beaches of Mallorca, Spain

The jewel-like colour of this sea still amazes me. Would you like to take a dip here?

Streets of Soller, Majorca, Spain

Picking out treats at the local pastelería in Sóller.

Cala Vincenc beach in Mallorca

Bathed in the warm glow of sunrise, Cala Barques appears to come straight out of a fairytale.

Street art in Palma, Mallorca

The street art in Palma depicts a baby playing with the iconic Sóller train.

Cala Varques

No road required. The best way to Cala Varques is by boat.

After visiting neighbouring islands Corsica and Sardinia, I was unprepared for how hard I’d fall for Mallorca. The island instantly climbed to the top as my favourite and I can’t wait to get to know it better. Until next time, I’ll be planning my next Mallorca holiday

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40 Reasons to fall in love with Mallorca, Spain. From the picture-perfect beaches to the dramatic scenery, this collection of stunning photos will have you booking a holiday in Mallorca asap!
Mallorca is a dream destination. Explore the island through this collection of pictures that are sure to have you daydreaming of visiting Majorca. #Mallorca #majorca #spain #islandholidays #mediterranean #mediterraneanisland

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  1. I have to admit that I too have always thought of Mallorca as an overdeveloped party island. Your beautiful, beautiful photos proved me so wrong! I just showed your post to my husband and we both thought (for the first time) that we would love to visit Mallorca! I love the atmosphere of pinkish-golden hues and turquoise waters, you captured the island life perfectly! Excited to see your photos from Sardinia and Corsica (as I’ve never been there either).
    All the best,

  2. Hey Nadine, your site is absolutely stunning! I’m an Italian expat in France , too, but New Zealand is actually my dream-country on top of my bucket list ♥ just wanted to drop a message to tell you your photography style is amazing, I’m in love with your photos and contents 🙂

    1. Hey there, I’m planning a post on this soon. But we stayed at an Airbnb in central Mallorca so that we could easily explore the whole island. The small village where we stayed (Maria de la Salut) was non-touristy which is exactly what we were after. If you’re new to using Airbnb you can use this link for a discount 🙂

  3. Hey Nadine! Your blog has been very helpful for my trip planning to Spain next year. I had a quick question about getting around Mallorca. Did you rent a car or whats the best way to travel in this area?

    1. Hi Stephanie, so glad it was helpful to you. I’ve been meaning to write more about Mallorca, but haven’t got there yet! A car is definitely a must if you want to get away from the resort areas. We had our own car as we took the ferry over from France, but you can rent a car easily. Try rentalcars – I have a link in my sidebar – they offer some great deals 🙂

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