Most Beautiful Beaches in Lanzarote

Inviting you to kick off your shoes and sink into island life, beaches on Lanzarote range from postcard-pretty golden stretches to dark volcanic wonders. It’s perfectly acceptable to do nothing but laze and soak up the sun that shines for more than 300 days each year in the Canary Islands. However, if you’re feeling active, you’re spoilt for choice with a wide range of adventure activities.

Float in natural pools carved by lava or kitesurf for miles along cliff-lined shores. Reliable breaks ensure the surf’s always up and parasailing delivers a bird’s eye view of the water sports action. Best of all, you’ll walk straight from Lanzarote’s sandy beaches to whitewashed villages brimming with welcoming restaurants, and fabulous hotels to suit everyone.

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Map of Lanzarote Beaches

The island of Lanzarote is the ideal destination for beach lovers. Whether you’re looking for dramatic black sand shores or Mediterranean-like coves, you’ll find it all and more along the coast of this stunning Spanish island.

Generally speaking, the golden sand beaches can be found along the east and south of Lanzarote. While the more rugged black sand beaches dominate the western coast.

The 20 Best Beaches in Lanzarote

As with all our guides, we’ve spent days touring the coastline to find the most beautiful coves, fabulous shorelines, and secret beaches in Lanzarote.

The following 20 made the cut – whether for their beautiful surroundings, exceptional surf, family-friendliness, or seclusion – they all have something unique to offer.


Get set for a laidback vibe and family-friendly swimming conditions at Playa de los Pocillos. A wide arc of dark golden sand slopes into calm, transparent water that’s ideal for splashing. Relax on sunbeds while the kids build sandcastles. Then, take a stroll along the scenic promenade.

Pop in and out of shops for souvenirs before choosing a restaurant or cafe to settle in with ocean views and succulent seafood. Keep walking and you’ll arrive in bustling Puerto del Carmen in around 15 minutes. It’s also just a quick drive to the horse rides and Wild West shows at the Rancho Texas Park.


Located in the popular seaside resort of Playa del Carmen, Playa Grande is the ideal place to pitch a sun umbrella and settle in for the day. Perfect for little ones, the calm bay is safe for swimming, and the soft golden sand provides hours of sandcastle-building fun! When hunger strikes, you can stroll the waterfront promenade and take your pick of cuisines on offer.

As one of the largest beaches in Lanzarote (hence the name), there’s plenty of room to stretch out, play ball games, or pitch a sun tent – even on the busiest of days. For those who prefer convenience, there are sun loungers ready to rent in the peak season.


A volcanic black sand Lanzarote beach, Playa de la Arena lies near the picturesque town of Playa Quemada. Getting there requires a short hike along the cliffside, but you’ll enjoy the anticipation that builds as the beach reveals itself before you. Snap memorable selfies with the spectacular contrasting colours of turquoise water, white foam and black sand.

This dramatic landscape is ideal for those seeking a more secluded spot to sunbathe and swim. And while there aren’t any facilities nearby, you’ll find a few low-key eateries dotting the shoreline of the sleepy town next door.


Among the nudist beaches in Lanzarote, Playa Caleta del Congrio is an untouched wonder within a protected natural area. The dazzling blue sea laps dark golden sand framed by dunes and high cliffs. It’s split in two by a rocky shallow promontory, and each beach has a different feel.

It’s not an exclusively nudist beach, and it’s not a secret with the nearby camping area and Playa Blanca just a short drive away. Pack a picnic for snacks and drinks as, beautifully, you won’t find facilities detracting from the wild oceanscape.


The poster child of Lanzarote beaches, Playa del Papagayo’s shell-shaped strip of golden sand kissed by transparent blue water is truly breathtaking. The main beach features a chiringuito for drinks and snacks, and the area consists of a string of coves framed by volcanic rocks.

It’s located in the Natural Monument of Los Ajaches and protected from the wind. So, look forward to dipping in and out of swimming pool-like water that’s ideal for easy snorkelling and splashing with the kids. The closest resort town is Playa Blanca, just a short drive away.

This beach is featured in our guide to the most beautiful beaches in the Canary Islands!


Also in the sublime setting of the Papagayo Coast, Playa de la Cera is a petite stretch flanked by cliffs and crystal-clear water set off by soft, honey-hued sand. It’s between Playa del Papagayo and Playa del Pozo, so beach days here offer plenty of options to try out new patches of sand.

Get there early in peak seasons, as it fills up quickly with families enjoying the calm bay. Otherwise, don’t miss out on settling in for sensational sunsets.


Watch boats as they float in to anchor in the cove and snorkel in transparent water at Playa del Pozo. Complete with the serene atmosphere of the Papagayo Coast, this purely natural scene is the spot for quiet lazing and reading in the sun.

On a backdrop of volcanic rock cliffs, the arc of light golden sand is dazzling against the changing blues of the sea.


Often grouped within the best sandy beaches in Lanzarote, Playa del Mujeres rests at the centre of the Los Ajaches Protected Natural Park. Along the coast of Papagayo, it’s the closest cove to Playa Blanca.

A wide expanse of golden, fine sand stretches into heavenly water for floating and snorkelling. Much like the other coves, you won’t find noisy water sports or facilities, so take what you need and settle in for beachy serenity.


Some of the best places in Lanzarote dot the southernmost point including White Beach, otherwise known as Playa Blanca. The purpose-built resort is close to the volcanic wonders of Timanfaya National Park, along with the famous beaches of the Papagayo Coast.

With a European Blue Flag, the pristine beach at the centre of the resort, Dorada Beach, features water sports, sunbeds and calm water for relaxing dips. Take a walk along the promenade to Playa Flamingo for a change of scenery. In between, it’s just steps to hotels and a couple of hops, skips and sandy jumps to restaurants and shops.


Families staying in Playa Blanca flock to Playa Flamingo for long days of sun, sea and sandcastle building. Breakwaters on either side of the turquoise water ensure calm conditions, and showers and sunbeds with umbrellas keep everyone happy. Regardless, the beach is within walking distance of hotels.

When it’s time for snacks, head to the promenade for shops and cafes right on the shore or get take away and choose a palm tree to enjoy ice creams in the shade. Just before dusk, pick a perch at a bar and sip cold beers as the sun goes down.


The top beaches in Lanzarote don’t always come wrapped in golden sand. Striking Playa Janubio is a rugged, black sand marvel where strong currents and breaking waves often add to the dramatic scene. Don’t expect to put your camera down, especially at sunset with the contrasting colours at their brilliant best.

It’s backed by a lagoon and the historic sea salt pans, making it a unique spot for a day by the sea. Take a guided tour of the Janubio Salt Flats between swims. Best of all, you’ll get to taste the ‘flavours of Janubio’.


Located deep within the volcanic landscapes of the Timanfaya National Park, the Playa Montana Bermeja sits at the base of its namesake, Volcan Bermeja. This gives the beach a distinctly remote feel, emphasized by the ash black sand.

At the rear of the beach, you’ll find a lesser-known “charco verde” (green lake). And while it’s not recommended to swim in the sulfur-rich water, it creates a delightful contrast to the fiery red volcanic cone behind it.

Come here for the scenery and to walk along the rugged coastline punctuated by sea caves and secret grottos.


Arguably the best beach in Lanzarote for photographers, Playa de los Ciclos is home to the famous Green Lagoon, or Charco Verde. Pitch-black sand highlights the bright green of the lagoon, created by the algae content. Combined with the clear blue sky and turquoise sea, it’s a natural palette that’s an artist’s dream.

The lagoon was formed from the crater of an extinct volcano that submerged into the ocean, and it’s a Natural Reserve. Get the best views of the lagoon from the viewing platform near El Golfo, and stay for the colours of sunset on the beach.


Looking for a rustic and rugged beach in a rural setting? Playa Teneza is one of the best beaches of Lanzarote for you. Near the village of the same name, Playa Teneza impresses with black sand and gravel created by lava debris.

When the wind picks up, try surfing, kiteboarding or windsurfing, though the swimming conditions may be a little tumultuous for many. This is off the well-beaten tourist path in Tinajo near gorgeous, whitewashed villages. Expect plenty of space to yourself as you wander through the quiet sandy streets.


One of the best beaches Lanzarote boasts a little bit of everything, Famara beach is a sweeping, golden stretch backed by soaring cliffs. Long strolls are a must on this stretch of over five kilometres. You’ll do so in relative peace as it’s far from the island’s busier resorts.

Located on the northwest coast, the wind is your friend here if you love water sports. The surf’s usually up, so it’s a favourite of surfers across the globe. Always photogenic, the cliffs of Famara are stepping-off points for hang gliding. However, catch them at sunset reflected on low tide and you’ll capture those mirror-like images worthy of postcards.


Ready to catch some serious waves? Many say Playa de la Cantería is possibly the best beach in Lanzarote for surfers. The island’s most northern beach features fine, dark golden sand and fantastic views across to La Graciosa. It’s usually the domain of pros, due to the strong waves, so just check the conditions before venturing in.

If you’d rather sit back, relax and watch the action from the safety of the sand, stroll in from the village of Orzola – where you’ll also find fresher than fresh seafood – and find a spacious spot on the sand. If you’re feeling a tad energetic, poke around the cliffs to find caves and gorgeous photo backdrops. 


When it comes to Lanzarote white sand beaches, Playa Caleton Blanco owns the crown. Squish your toes in the pristine, white sand before taking a dip in a cove of opalescent water. When the tide’s out, children love the natural, shallow water for safe splashing.

Wait for high tide for spectacular snorkelling around rocky hideouts. To add to the idyllic scene, black lava formations back the sand and you’ll find them across a string of coves in the area. It’s located on the island’s northern tip, just a short drive or walk from Orzola where you’ll pick up goodies for a day at the beach.


The tranquil village of Arrieta in the north of Lanzarote hosts the golden sands of Playa de la Garita. It’s a family-friendly spot with shallow swimming water and plenty of space – across the almost kilometre stretch – for running around or having a game of beach volleyball.

Next to the picturesque pier, you’ll find El Charcón beach for another spot to soak up the sun. People travel from across the island to eat local cuisine at restaurants dotting Arrieta’s narrow streets and beachfront locations.


A sandy jewel of popular Costa Teguise, Playa del Jablillo is sheltered by, and decorated with, dark volcano stones on either side of a lagoon-like cove. This is a lively beach backed by resorts, where sunbeds dot the golden sand and parents watch lazily as kids play in the sand and sea. It’s among the nicest beaches in Lanzarote for families with small children.

For beginner divers, Playa del Jablillo is a launching place to learn. Or, simply step off the sand with your snorkel and mask to explore the transparent underwater world. If you can tear yourself away from the beachscape, it’s just a leisurely stroll to cafes and restaurants on the promenade.


Who doesn’t love ‘paradise island’ scenes? You’ll find it on the islet of La Graciosa, which is a quick ferry trip from Lanzarote’s north coast. Playa de las Conchas retains its virgin beauty due to its remoteness. After the ferry ride, you’ll cycle for about 20 minutes or get there via a 4×4 taxi.

The sandy beach is named after the shells scattered across the sand, and it rests beneath the red-tinted Montana Bermeja volcano. Climb to the summit for panoramic views. It’s impossible to resist a dip in the sea, but wait for a shallow tidal lagoon to form, or head around the coast to the more sheltered Playa Lambra. You’ll find a red flag here warning of strong undertows due to the steep entry into the Atlantic.

No matter your mood, the best beaches in Lanzarote deliver something to suit everyone. Feel like doing nothing at all? Settle in at a resort such as Playa Blanca or Costa Teguise for beautiful beaches and all the facilities you need at your fingertips. Get off the beaten path in the far north, where windy conditions ensure plenty of water sports thrills. If you’re feeling spontaneous, simply close your eyes and point to a spot on Lanzarote’s coastline. You can’t go wrong in this sunny Canarian paradise.

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