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Experiencing the Best of Salento At The Aia

best place to stay in Puglia - review of At The Aia B&B

A directionless wind whipped around the olive grove sending leaves fluttering and causing sunlight to dance on the red earth. “It’s the Libeccio. The crazy wind” says Giulia in her Italian-American drawl. Puglians, it seems, are well acquainted with the winds. There’s one for every day of the week, although you could experience more than one […]

16 Best Day Trips From Barcelona Spain – Your Complete Guide

Best Day Trips from Barcelona Spain.

Barcelona is a fantastic urban destination, with so much to see and do. But if you limit yourself to staying within the city, you’re missing a lot of what Catalonia has to offer. Within a couple of hours of Barcelona city, there is a myriad of seaside villages, pretty hillside hamlets, stunning secret beaches, beautiful […]

7 Reasons why you Should Still Visit Barcelona (And how to Travel Responsibly)

Why you should still visit Barcelona - despite the bad press.

With headlines warning of tensions towards tourists in Barcelona, you’ll be forgiven for thinking the Catalan city isn’t as welcoming as it once was. While it’s true that the locals are concerned about bad tourist behaviour, overcrowding, and being pushed out of the central city due to increasing prices, overall the city is still an amazing […]

Sandcastles to Stalagmites – A Sardinia Family Holiday Guide

Family holiday guide to Sardinia. What to do with kids in Sardinia

It was a last-minute decision to visit Sardinia. We were faced with an ominous gap in our schedule and were at a crossroads. Return to the home we’d abandoned when we moved to Provence earlier in the year, or travel somewhere new. Perhaps it’s no surprise that travel won this round. And Sardinia promised to […]

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