Best Things to do in Lindos, Rhodes

The whitewashed village of Lindos captures your imagination from the moment you set your eyes upon it. Located on Rhodes’ eastern shores, the village gradually emerges from sapphire blue waters, like a jigsaw puzzle of sugar cubes scattered across an undulating tree-strewn landscape.

At the top of the hill, Lindos Acropolis, a former citadel with well-preserved ruins, shows traces of the village’s former prowess as a prominent Dorian city.

If you’re considering taking a holiday in Lindos, this resort sits away from the hustle and bustle of historic Rhodes Town and party resort Faliraki. It’s a maze of pretty houses, stylish rooftop cafes, Greek churches and glorious golden sandy beaches – an idyllic spot, popular with couples and families.

In this article, we’ll explore how to get here, take a look at the best beaches in Lindos, the local food scene, cultural attractions, and the best activities in Lindos for all ages.

How to Get to Lindos

If you fancy taking a day trip to Lindos from Rhodes Town or are staying in the village for the duration of your Rhodes holiday, there are several options to choose from.

You can travel to Lindos easily by rental car from the city of Rhodes. The journey time takes under an hour along the EO Rodou Lindou/EO95 main road and stretches along the east coast passing Faliraki and Afantou on route.

Upon arrival, there are several car parks to choose from, depending on how you’re planning on spending your stay. Lindos Parking 3 is near the ancient theatre of Lindos and the Town Hall. It’s also fairly close to St Paul’s Bay. Lindos Central Parking is the main car park, but also possibly the busiest, as the tour buses park here too.

Alternatively, if you’re heading down to Lindos Beach, this car park is the handiest, although the drive down can be a little tricky for the uninitiated. Probably best avoided in the peak summer months.

Public buses (KTEL Rodou) are also available to reach Lindos from Rhodes Town. The travelling time is around 1 hour 45 minutes and costs around €6 per person. The buses depart from the central bus station outside the New Market building near Mandraki Harbour. You arrive at Krana (Lindos Central Bus Station) located just above Lindos village. The buses operate daily from early morning until early evening in both directions.

For the most scenic route, hop aboard a boat to Lindos. There’s a high-speed boat trip from Rhodes City which allows three hours in Lindos, plus stops at Tsampika Beach en route.

The boat tour departs from Mandraki Harbour opposite the Bank of Greece building. Book it here.

Top Things to do in Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos is a great place to relax, unplug from reality and step back to a simpler time. To relax on sun-kissed beaches, dine in traditional tavernas and see women crocheting lace on their doorsteps.

But it’s also worth delving into the ancient history of Lindos town, immersing yourself in island traditions and witnessing the most spectacular sunsets. Here are a few more things to see in Lindos to inspire your visit.

Reveal Centuries of History at the Acropolis of Lindos

Lindos dates back to Dorian times, and its acropolis is a main village attraction. Named after Athena Lindia, it was built in 300 B.C. In later years, when the Knights of St. John arrived on the island, they built a fortress over most of it to defend the island from Ottoman invaders.

Today, you can take a short walk to the hilltop summit from the beach, although if you plan to do so, start your trek early as it gets very hot in the peak season as the day progresses.

You’ll weave through winding pathways, past bougainvillaea draped houses, and you’ll see the relief of a ship etched into the rocks dating to 180 B.C. At the Acropolis summit, view the Propylaea staircase, the Hellenistic stoa columns and the remains of a temple built for Diocletian.

Wander around the ancient stone city to note more recent additions, such as remnants of towers from the Knights of St. John fortress and the ruins of a Greek Orthodox Church.

The archaeological relics are impressive, but even if you’re not into ancient Greek history, they are matched by the stunning views of Lindos, the island mountain landscapes and St. Paul’s Bay below.

Buy your skip-the-line entrance tickets to the Acropolis here.

Visit the Beautiful Church of Panagia

En route to the Acropolis, just past the main square of Lindos, you’ll see the beautiful Church of Panagia, ‘Our Lady’. It was built in the early 1300s with a Dodecanese bell tower, designed with a typical cross-shaped plan, topped with a dome and Byzantine, red-tiled roof.

It’s impressive from the outset, but step inside and it’s a treasure trove of historic gems. The black and white pebble mosaics known as ‘hohlaki’ for which Lindos is famous, are evident on the floors. Beautifully preserved frescoes depict biblical scenes in the dome and above the doors. Don’t miss the most impressive fresco of The Last Judgement.

If you’re interested in Greek traditional architecture, you’ll also notice that modifications have been made to the church throughout the centuries by the Knights of Rhodes and Italians during their occupation of the island.

There are many highlights – set in stone, marble, wood and artwork. Don’t miss the wooden iconostasis, the Bishop’s throne and the bronze chandeliers hanging from the ceiling (unfortunately photos are not allowed inside).

Spend a Leisurely Day at St. Paul’s Bay

Enjoy a day of beach fun at St. Paul’s Bay. This is one of the best beaches in Lindos (and indeed Rhodes Island in general), akin to the ones you see in a travel magazine.

A horseshoe bay of crystalline turquoise waters, flanked by rocks and lush vegetation. At one edge of the bay, sits a tiny Greek Orthodox Chapel – Agios Pavlos/St Paul’s Chapel (a popular wedding venue), and at the other, a taverna with alfresco seating serving sunset cocktails and delicious local cuisine.

St Pauls Bay in Rhodes, Greece

In the centre of the bay, a golden sliver of sand is punctuated with parasols and loungers – the perfect place for reading a favourite book or soaking up the sun as children paddle in calm waters.

The sea is clear for snorkelling, swimming and scuba – the bay teeming with marine life – and there’s a small entrance for boats if you fancy travelling here from other locations on the island.

In addition, St. Paul’s Bay boasts some of the best views of the hilltop Acropolis, making this a stunning location for a day of relaxation and imagining life here in years gone by.

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Go Hiking Around Lindos

There are some incredible scenic hikes around Lindos. One in particular traverses the bay to the Tomb of Kleoboulous. Who was Kleoboulous? He was a poet and ruler of Lindos dating back to around the 6th century B.C. and known as one of the Ancient Greek Seven Sages.

The round trip hike covers rocky pathways around the bay, with a gradual incline, passing trees and gaining exceptional views of Lindos until you reach the final ascent to the circular tomb.

The path is relatively well-trodden, but you should carry plenty of water, ideally some snacks and wear really good walking shoes due to the uneven terrain. You may even spot the odd mountain goat on your travels, meandering in the hills.

If you prefer a shorter route or are travelling with young kids, there are also several hiking trails leading to ancient ruins, old stone windmills, or St. Paul’s Bay which can be accessed along easy-to-navigate pathways.

Alternatively, to see the sunrise over the Acropolis, arise early and walk to the Monument of Ioanni Zigdi on the north side of Lindos Beach.

Browse Local Handicraft Shops and Follow the Hohlaki Mosaics

Aside from capturing iconic photographs during your trip to Lindos, you’ll likely want to bring back a souvenir of your stay too. So, what is Lindos known for? Along the winding streets leading to the Acropolis, you’ll find tiny storefronts displaying everything from handbags and straw hats to purses, tablecloths, and handmade crafts.

Many shops sell locally made Greek-inspired jewellery, painted ceramics and homeware items. You can find sandals, clothing, woven textiles and even olive oil in these quaint stores.

While you’re popping in and out of the shops between sightseeing, observe the Byzantine hohlaki mosaics decorating the pathways. These smooth black and white pebble mosaics form a trail through the narrow streets, leading you to historic buildings, churches and the Acropolis.

Many tourists photograph the mosaics and then frame the photos when they get home – they make wonderful wall art to remember your trip by.

Sample Delicious Greek Island Cuisine

If this is your first trip to the Greek Island of Rhodes, there are some fabulous local dishes to sample while you’re here. Dig into a plate of Pitaroudia – similar to falafel, it’s made from chickpeas, tomatoes and onions and served in a fritter form with fresh parsley and mint.

Greek stuffed peppers are also popular recipes – roasted and stuffed with either meat or veggie options. Try the Greek version of pasta – ‘Matsi’. It’s handmade and often topped with crispy fried onions to enhance the taste.

If your palate prefers sweeter treats, try the traditional Rhodian dessert ‘matsoalo’. If you think the name sounds similar to the pasta dish, you’d be right! This is pasta turned into a dessert with sugar, cinnamon and milk, making it popular with kids.

You can also try Melekouni – a protein-packed nut bar made with sesame seeds, thyme honey, orange zest, spices and almonds.

There is also plenty of traditional Greek food on offer, such as moussaka and feta salads to try, and of course, delicious Dolmades – yummy vine leaves infused with lemon rice, spices and herbs!

A few restaurants to sample these dishes in Lindos include the award-winning Melenos Restaurant (in the hotel of the same name) and the exquisite Byzantino. Alternatively, head to a typical taverna like Mavrikos, one of the oldest family-run restaurants in the area or Taverna Kamariko, serving family recipes inside a traditional Lindos house.

Enjoy a Spot of Beach Fun in Lindos

In addition to St. Paul’s Bay on the edge of Lindos, the village boasts more beautiful beaches including Lindos Beach, located east of the Acropolis. It’s known as Megali Paralia – a sandy stretch in the bay with calm, shallow waters, ideal for swimming.

Soak up the sunshine on a comfy lounger as waves gently lap on the shores. Hire a canoe or paddleboat for an hour or two to explore the coastline, or feast on local cuisine in one of the beachfront tavernas as you watch the boats glide in and out of the bay.

Another nearby beach is Pallas Beach, reached along Pallas Street in the main village. This beach is located directly below the ancient structures of the Acropolis. It’s a peaceful oasis with crystal clear water and a lovely stretch of sand – great for families seeking a relaxing day – and as the waters are shallow and calm, it’s an ideal spot for swimming for all ages.

Head Out to Sea on a Kayak Tour

One of the best ways to explore the coastline of this idyllic Dodecanese island is on a kayak trip. One of the popular kayak tours in Lindos begins at Vlicha Beach, north of the village. From here you’ll paddle to St. Paul’s Bay and through sea canyons and caves to Navarone Bay.

There will be plenty of time to swim and snorkel, to discover exotic marine life, before gliding back towards Lindos for a traditional Greek lunch and visiting the Acropolis.

If you prefer to explore independently, it’s possible to rent kayaks and canoes from most beaches around Lindos, however, a tour transports you to many spots you may miss if not familiar with the coastline.

Book your kayak tour here.

Cocktails in Courtyards & Dancing in Rooftop Bars

Lindos may be a small village, but there are still plenty of things to do in Lindos at night. There’s a buzzing atmosphere amid the winding cobbled streets with stylish bars, restaurants and traditional tavernas serving mezze and Greek cuisine.

As the Acropolis illuminates above, and the stars come out to play, soak up the atmosphere with an ice-cold beer or glass of local ouzo from stylish rooftops at Dreams Bar or Lindos By Night.

A few favourite bars include Captain’s House, a quaint hideaway near the Acropolis with a courtyard garden. You can also pop into Socrates Bar set inside a 16th century structure, and Rainbird, with an enviable gin collection!

For dancing, there’s Lindian House Bar, where a seasoned DJ spins all the latest dance tunes alongside a bunch of classics guaranteed to get you on the dance floor. Enjoy a drink in the courtyard or a pre-dinner rooftop cocktail with amazing views across Lindos and the bay below.

Seven Springs & Valley of the Butterflies

If you’re looking for things to do near Lindos, take a drive to discover the Seven Springs – a cool, magical sanctuary hidden by lush greenery in a protected nature zone. The ethereal oasis sits around 30 minutes north of Lindos with areas for hiking and a lake that can be accessed via a tunnel (wear waterproof footwear) or a pathway above.

One of the best excursions from Lindos, here you can relax amid forested landscapes beneath shady plane and pine trees (ideal for cooling off in summer), discover endemic flora and fauna or dine in a historic taverna serving typical Rhodian recipes.

If you’re a nature lover and want to see more of the island’s natural landscapes, consider pairing Seven Springs with a trip to the Valley of the Butterflies, where you can view the thousands of butterflies that descend on the island every summer to breed.

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Lindos offers everything you desire for a successful family or couple’s holiday. With an ancient Acropolis to explore, a mix of friendly tavernas and high-end rooftop restaurants, beautiful beaches with crystal-clear, calm waters; plus hiking trails and nature’s wonders on your doorstep, what more could you ask for in a holiday destination?

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