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Menorca, also spelled Minorca, is the second largest of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. It’s our second home, having fallen in love with the bucolic landscapes, idyllic beaches, and easy-going lifestyle that it offers.

It’s a place for people who love uninterrupted nature, abundant wildlife, and discovering its unique historical standing. The island was awarded UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status in the 1990s and it’s a designation that delightfully allows it to stand out from the more developed Mallorca, and Ibiza.


The best beaches in Menorca are often found at the end of a dusty trail or rocky path. That is, you have to work a little to be rewarded with untouched beauty. But you can find perfect coves at the doorstep of Menorca’s resort towns too, so don’t worry if mobility isn’t on your side.

Best beaches in Menorca, Spain
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Exploring Menorca’s Best Beaches

For a relatively modest island, Menorca really punches above its weight when it comes to its incredible coastline. Unlike its larger and more developed Balearic neighbour, Mallorca; Menorca remains much less interfered with, and in turn, remarkably organic for an island that is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers. This dedication for preserving the island’s historical…

Menorcan Towns & Things to do

Menorca’s towns, villages and cities offer variety and intrigue, and each has its unique charm. From the island’s capital Mahon, and the former capital Ciutadella, to whitewashed fishing villages and market towns – there’s so much to discover!

Places to Stay

The best places to stay in Menorca are defined by what you’d like to see & do during your stay, and whether you like a quiet retreat at the end of the day, or want to be in on the action.

Menorca hotels & accommodation have something for every kind of traveller.