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  • CabinZero Carry-on backpack review.

    The Perfect Cabin Bag (For Serial Overpackers)

    I have a confession to make. Up until recently, I’d never travelled carry-on only. But bear with me here. Firstly, to clarify, I’ve never travelled internationally with only a cabin bag (I can just about handle a quick trip across the country without lugging my…

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  • What to pack for a yoga retreat

    What to Pack for a Yoga Retreat (and What Not to Pack)

    Hurray, you’ve finally booked that yoga retreat you’ve wanted to go on forever! Only now you’re thinking ‘what on earth do I pack for a yoga retreat in… (insert lust-worthy destination here)?’. I recently went on a blissful yoga retreat in the South-West of France…

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  • Fiji holiday packing guide

    What to Pack for Fiji – Your Complete Fiji Packing List!

    Blue skies, golden sand beaches, perfectly positioned palm trees and Instagram-worthy sunsets – who wouldn’t want to go on holiday in Fiji? There’s more to Fiji than its beaches though (as perfect as they are!). Our Fiji packing list has been designed to make sure you…

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