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16 Best Day Trips From Barcelona Spain – Your Complete Guide

Best Day Trips from Barcelona Spain.

Barcelona is a fantastic urban destination, with so much to see and do. But if you limit yourself to staying within the city, you’re missing a lot of what Catalonia has to offer. Within a couple of hours of Barcelona city, there is a myriad of seaside villages, pretty hillside hamlets, stunning secret beaches, beautiful […]

5 Unique Places for a Winter Break in Spain

Five unique destinations for a winter break in Spain.

While many may think of Spain as a summer destination, there are plenty of places ideal for a winter getaway too. Some of the more obvious choices include well-known winter hotspots like Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura – where you’ll find fabulous winter weather and beaches – but I’ve set out to find five unique […]

7 Reasons why you Should Still Visit Barcelona (And how to Travel Responsibly)

Why you should still visit Barcelona - despite the bad press.

With¬†headlines warning of tensions towards tourists in Barcelona, you’ll be forgiven for thinking the Catalan city isn’t as welcoming as it once was. While it’s true that the locals are concerned about bad tourist behaviour, overcrowding, and being pushed out of the central city due to increasing prices, overall the city is still an amazing […]

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