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Aix-en-Provence Market Days

Aix-en-Provence Market Day

Aix-en-Provence is a foodie’s haven, with entire streets devoted to small trattorias, delicatessens, cafés and bars. It’s no surprise then, that the Aix-en-Provence markets are a gourmet experience. They’re a place to indulge all five senses, and a joy to wander, working up an appetite between breakfast and lunch or as a place to socialise […]

Ultimate Sault Lavender Fields Tour

Sault lavender fields itinerary

Sitting high above the Luberon ranges you’ll find an untouched area of Provence. An area of immense natural beauty, rich agricultural heritage, and unique gastronomy. Among this bucolic setting, in summer, you’ll also discover a landscape laced with lavender. The Sault lavender fields are so tightly intertwined with the agrarian backdrop, it creates a heady […]

Visiting the Luberon Lavender Fields of Provence, France

The Luberon lavender fields - Provence lavender route

The lavender fields of Provence seduce visitors year after year with their heady scent and ethereal appearance. And nowhere is the scene so seductive as it is in the Luberon Valley. Crisscrossing the plains, in between ancient villages, crumbling châteaux and poker-straight cypress trees, you’ll find a patchwork of vibrant lavender fields. The Luberon lavender […]

Most Beautiful Beaches in Marseille & Surrounds

Discover the best beaches in Marseille France

The beaches in France’s second city are just as beautiful as any on the French Riviera. Yet, they’re more reflective of Marseille’s multicultural nature and much more inclusive than those of Cannes or St Tropez. Marseille beaches offer lots of choice with a style for every occasion: inlets carved out of limestone cliffs, the perfect […]

Valensole Lavender Fields – Driving the Lavender Route in Provence

Valensole lavender fields in Provence, France

Every year anticipation builds as the lavender fields of Provence start to gain their telltale purple glow. From around mid-June to mid-August the region is awash with the sight and smell of lavender – it’s truly a spectacle not to be missed. Among the best lavender fields in Provence are those in the Valensole Plateau. […]

The Best Lavender Fields of Provence, France – 2020 Guide

Lavender fields on the Plateau de Valensole in Provence, France

This post was first published on 02.08.18 & last updated on the 20.06.20. I personally visit the lavender fields every year to ensure the most up-to-date information. To some, there’s nothing that epitomises the appeal of Provence more than the purple rows of lavender that pepper the landscape every summer. The lavender fields of Provence […]

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