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Inside Guide to the Best Puglia Beaches and Swimming Holes

Best Puglia Beaches, Italy.

Visitors to Puglia will be amazed by the unspoilt nature of Italy’s heel. Gnarled, centuries-old olive trees give way to whitewashed villages that wouldn’t look out of place on a Greek Island. Down dusty rural roads, you’ll find the unique Puglian architecture is a curious mix between tipi-topped Trulli and the rectangular robustness of the traditional […]

40 Dreamy Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love With Mallorca

Mallorca is one of those places that’s so incredibly beautiful, words just don’t seem to do it justice. At least, I’m struggling to describe the pure magic that emanates from this underrated Mediterranean island. Unfairly tarnished with a reputation for being a party island, the real Mallorca – away from the resorts and nightclubs – […]

Cruising to Corsica’s Calanques de Piana with Corse Emotion

Cruising with Corse Emotion in Corsica - A review.

A boat trip in the sparkling blue Mediterranean was at the top of our wish list while we were in Corsica recently. But with only three full days to explore the island, a tightly packed schedule, and an unpredictable weather pattern, there was uncertainty if we would realise such a wish on this trip. Our […]

Off-Roading to Paradise – Driving Through Corsica’s Desert

Getting to Saleccia Beach in Corsica with Saleccia Off Road

Saleccia and Loto are arguably two of Corsica’s most beautiful beaches. But visiting their pristine shores is easier said than done, especially when the weather isn’t on your side! Located on the outer edges of the Desert des Agriates, reaching these two beaches in northern Corsica requires a boat, a four-wheel drive, or a long walk under the […]

A Guide to the Best Corsica Beaches – Loto and Saleccia Beach

Guide to visiting Saleccia Beach and Loto Beach in Corsica, France

On the edge of the Désert des Agriates lies a secret known only to locals and savvy visitors. This rocky and wild, yet surprisingly lush landscape gives way to two of the most beautiful Corsica beaches. These impossibly perfect shorelines are those of Saleccia beach and Loto beach (also spelt Lotu). Their remoteness and relative […]

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