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Top Reasons why the Falkland Islands Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

Top reasons the Falkland Islands should be on your travel bucket list

With the start of the year comes a fresh set of resolutions and a revamped travel wish list! But with so many amazing destinations vying for your attention, it can be exceedingly hard to choose where to spend your travel budget and limited vacation days. You want to go somewhere interesting, unique, with plenty to […]

A Complete Guide to the Falkland Islands Penguins

Falkland Islands Penguins. King penguins in the Falkland islands. Volunteer Point.

My favourite part of visiting the Falklands? That’s easy. Without a doubt, it was the Falkland Islands penguins. I spent hours hanging out on the beach and the grassy banks with the penguins of the Falkland Islands and it was the most memorable aspect of my trip. Sure, there were other highlights such as watching […]

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