Living in France: The Elusive Edamame

Find out where to buy edamame beans in france

The edamame is a staple in our household. It’s an easy go-to snack and lunch box filler – high in protein, iron, and calcium. But most importantly, our son loves them.

As any parent of a preschooler will attest, if they love eating their greens – well, you’d better foster that love for as long as possible!

Edamame beans in France

Moving to France, I was in awe of the mega-markets and didn’t envisage not being able to find a humble bean.

Boy, was I wrong.

You see, the French already have their national bean – the haricot vert. This bean sits proudly front and centre on the bean shelf in its many different forms. If you’re a fan of this bean then you are spoiled for choice – you can pick from about 7 different brands/sizes/preparations. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can branch out and try haricot rouges (red ‘kidney’ beans) or haricot blancs (white ‘navy’ beans). But try to find a pinto bean or black bean and you will be left crying into your nachos.

But anyway, this is a story about the edamame.

I searched high and low. Through endless supermarket shelves and organic store freezers. Nothing doing. I even asked at our local sushi shop – but they confirmed France does indeed have a prejudice against the sweet edamame and they had to source theirs through a supplier in Paris!

What’s up France?

Well, my husband finally sensed my growing distress at the situation and took matters into his own hands. He found a retailer online who stocked them and by a massive stroke of luck, there was a store in our town!

Meet Picard.

Picard is a store that sells frozen goods. Meh, can’t be that interesting right?


Picard store interior. Edamame beans France

Edamame beans at Picard

Walking in, it looked just like any frozen’s section in the supermarket – it was even a similar size. But that’s where the similarity ended. Browsing the aisles, my excitement grew as I discovered little gems like cacao sorbet (OMG so good!) and real guacamole (not the naff stuff with sour cream in it).

And then I found it.

The one thing that had brought me here – my elusive edamame bean  – was sitting proudly in the Asian foods chiller. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see a vegetable in my life.

Of course, I bought every box in that chiller. Just in case, you know?!

Shopping at picard france

I also came away with goodies like gazpacho, frozen herbs (I haven’t got around to planting herbs yet!), and grilled vegetables which are great for chucking on a pizza. Seriously, it was a vegan’s dream.

So, for now, I have a full freezer and child happily eating his beloved beans once more – life is good.

Where to buy edamame beans in france

Is there a food you love that you haven’t been able to find in another country? Tell me about it below…


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