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  • Chassiron lighthouse, Oleron Island, France. Phare De Chassiron, Ile d'Oleron

    Itinerary: Discovering the Île d’Oléron in a Day

    Visiting Oléron Island has been high on my to-do list since we moved to France. An island that promised oodles of sunshine (it’s nicknamed “la lumineuse” for good reason!), colossal beaches, colourful towns and impressive historical sites. It’s no wonder then, that holidaymakers converge on the island in…

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  • Biscarrosse Plage, Landes Beaches

    A Beach Lover’s Guide to the Landes, France

    Les Landes may be France’s best-hidden secret, and I can see why the French would want to keep it that way! As I was delighted to find out, this corner of South-West France is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the country.…

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  • Vegan Restaurant in Bordeaux - Greedy Review

    Vegan Food in Bordeaux – Greedy Restaurant Review

    It’s no secret the French love their meat and cheese. Which means that trying to find vegan food in France can be an uphill battle. French meals are steeped in tradition and as a consequence, France appears to be one of the last countries in Europe to fully embrace the Vegan…

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