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  • 4 day Paris itinerary for first timers!

    The Ultimate Paris 4 Day Itinerary: As Recommended By A Local

    Guest post by Paris insider, Helen Flatley. Ah, Paris! City of romance, culture and unbeatable gastronomy, the French capital has all the essential ingredients for a perfect city break. Boasting world-class museums and art galleries, stunning architecture, and rich history, any vacation here is sure…

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  • Les Goudes in Marseille.

    Experiencing the Magic of Les Goudes, Marseille

    Like stepping into a photograph, Les Goudes is one of those places that almost look too good to be true. The small fishing village on the outskirts of Marseille seems a world away from the bustling metropolis. Yet its proximity to France’s second largest city…

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  • Top 10 places to visit in France

    10 Best Places to Visit in France – Outside of Paris!

    To know France is to love France.  But how do you get to know a country as intricate as France? From the German-influence infiltrating the eastern border, to the Mediterranean flavour of the French Riviera, and the idyllic islands at a tickling distance of the…

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