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  • Fiji holiday packing guide

    What to Pack for Fiji – Your Complete Fiji Packing List!

    Blue skies, golden sand beaches, perfectly positioned palm trees and Instagram-worthy sunsets – who wouldn’t want to go on holiday in Fiji? There’s more to Fiji than its beaches though (as perfect as they are!). Our Fiji packing list has been designed to make sure you…

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  • Oolala Cruise to Savala Island, Fiji

    Oolala Cruises Fiji – An Honest Review

    Most people who visit Fiji will be familiar with Viti Levu – Fiji’s largest island. But with over 300 islands in Fiji (just over 100 are permanently inhabited) it would be a shame not to take the opportunity to hop on a cruise to a lesser-known island. With…

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  • Fiji Village Tour - Shangri-La Fiji

    Exploring the Real Fiji on a Fijian Village Tour

    Clap, clap, Bula! The half coconut shell holding my offering of kava is handed over. It’s brown, tepid, and tastes like the contents of a muddy puddle. Although I’m in no hurry to drink it again, I’m careful not to offend the men who have made us welcome in their…

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